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Middle School Film Festival

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Participating schools

Berlin Middle School
Bethlehem Elementary School
Jefferson Elementary
Lafayette Regional 
Lisbon Regional
Milan Village School
Monroe Consolidated School
Pittsburg School
Profile Jr High School


Over 750 North Country educators attended the Rick Wormeli keynote event

Rick Wormeli, March 28, 2014, Berlin Middle School auditorium

Rick Wormeli

Rick Wormeli

Rick Wormeli posed the tough question about what happens when it comes to assessing and grading students in the differentiated classroom. Being sensitive to students’ readiness levels, interests, action plans, and special education designations while holding them accountable for the same standards can be a challenge. Rick helped educators take a myth-busting and candid look at some of the burning issues of assessment and grading in a differentiated classroom. 

Book Discussions in Advance of Wormeli Event

Thanks to the donation by TransCanada and support through the Rural School Educator Effectiveness Collaborative, teachers throughout the North Country who are participating in the March 28th conference with Rick Wormeli will have an opportunity to participate in book discussions on works of the author.  Participating teachers are slated to receive Fair Isn't Always Equal: Assessing & Grading in the Differentiated Classroom

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School Leadership

The first cohort of the NISL Executive Development for School Leaders program will concluded in March 2014. A second cohort  began in February of 2014.  Learn more.

NISL Cohort I. Front row (l-r): Corinne Cascadden, Dan Record, Judith McGann, Robert Scott, Jordan Burke, Tina Binette, Joanne Melanson, Janet Strauss (facilitator), Paul Bousquet, Amy Huter. Middle row: Jonan Torsey, Karen Conroy, Carl Ladd (facilitator), Lisa Burbach, Mike Kelley, David Backler, Ben Jellison, Adam Houghton. Back row: Pierre Couture, Karen Moore, Brent Walker, Tanya Patterson, Traci Howard.  Absent from photo: Laurie Melanson.

NISL Cohort II is compromised of (left-right): Bridget Gagne - Stark Village School, Courtney Vashaw - Profile School, Cheryl Pinette - Hillside School, Lisa Lavoie - North Country Charter Academy, Jen Corrigan - Gorham Middle High School, Gerri St. Gelais - Milan Village School, Lori Langlois - NCES, David Covill - Pittsburg School, Kim Wheelock -Groveton High School, Jessie Lanham - Profile School, Brenda Lamarque - Edward Fenn School, Veronique Legendre - Berlin High School, Erin Silver - Stratford School, Nicole Arguin - Berlin Middle School, Shelli Roberts - Bethlehem Elementary School, Heather Zybas - Pittsburg School, Eddie Marceau - MC2 Charter School, Paul Bousquet (facilitator) - SAU 20, Dr. Carl Ladd (lead facilitator) - SAU 58, Gordie Johnk - Lafayette Regional School, Julie King - Hillside School, Jennifer Carbonneau - Littleton School, Sandra Adams - Stratford School, Angelique Brown - Groveton Elementary School, Patricia Styles - SAU 58 schools, David Backler (facilitator) - Milan Village School.


Upcoming Events 

Instructional Strategies to Meet Common Core Writing Standards with Fred Wolff, Ph.D.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Series with David Freschi

Common Core + Common Sense = Improved Outcomes for Learners with Disabilities with Carol Kosnitsky